The Truth About Time: Do We Have Enough?

Have you ever just sat and thought about the idea of time? I am sure you have. It’s safe to say I do this on a daily basis. Life just seems to completely revolve around time, all across the spectrum.

Time for happiness. Time for loved ones. Time for ideas. TIme for passions. The list could continue on indefinitely, unlike, well, time.

However, there is a certain point in our life where we can actually let go of the idea of time. We can literally not have a sense of it, and I believe it’s the most comfortable moment anyone could ever experience.

I have found, over the years of my creative work, when I am creating a piece of work that I am completely invested and indulged in, I find myself in a moment of bliss. I find myself in a moment of bliss that involves no energy toward “time.”¬†Ah, refreshing.

But let’s not leave it at that – in this moment I have found, and I’m sure you have too, this is when the most amazing work is created. Working flawlessly and diligently, everything flows naturally from the mind. It all seems more natural than usual. It all just seems a bit less forced and a whole lot more, well, enjoyable.

Whether you can find that moment through art, music, exercising, or something else, when you find it, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Not only that but, when you find it, hold on to it. Hold on to it tight and cherish wholeheartedly.

We are all seeking for more time or actions that allows us to truly cherish the moment.

I suggest the latter.

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