On a mission to find clarity, Jordan Tarver set out on a journey of self-actualization. A recent college graduate, he was ready to break his routine and eager to separate himself from home.

Embarking on a journey lacking the familiar and comfortable, and way outside his comfort zone, Jordan was about to be challenged in ways he would not have imagined. These encounters would force him to adapt to what was happening around him, to the cultures, and to being alone. This was going to be a journey of facing his insecurities and finding ways to overcome them.

At the beginning, this trip was for him and him only. Yet, as the insecurities and self-doubts melted, he realized that this was becoming more than a journey of pushing his boundaries. It had become a discovery of the power of connection and relationships. As he opened up to the people who surrounded him and embraced their influence and impact, he began to smile at the world. With his newfound appetite for gratitude and positivity, he committed himself to always make an effort to positively impact someone's life.

In every chapter of this odyssey, Jordan added to his collection of life lessons. But it was his reflections upon returning home that pushed him the farthest.

How had a simple post-college trek turned into a life transformation?