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Van Life Essentials: 5 Ways to Improve Your Conversion

I'm a total list kind of guy. Whether it is a simple to-do-list, a packing list, or a van life essentials list.

I think lists tell you a lot about an individual. They represent someone who relies on structure, who has an organized thought process and is a visual thinker. For me, if something is written down on a list it will get done.

So, whether you're someone who functions by making lists or if you are someone that keeps everything in your head, it's important to remember we must do whatever works best for us. Because finding the tool that helps us grow is essentially one of the most important things in life.

After some thought, I've decided to put together a van life essentials list for anyone interested in taking on the van life or maybe you're just generally curious about what goes into a van conversion.

Here are 6 van life essentials:

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February 27, 20184 Comments

Van Life: the Truth, the Lessons, and the Desire

It seems within the last couple years van life, camping, and adventure have become the big craze.

From an age I can only remember byways of pictures and stories, I've had a pretty solid appetite for the outdoors. Coming from a family of six raised in Northern California, weekend camping trips were always in sight.

Adventure has always been in my blood.

But, there's more to where it all rooted from. My father, often spending his summer days in Aptos, California, decided to purchase a van. It was around my father's early 20s he commandeered a Chevy G10 short wheel based van.

Equipping it with all the goodies, AKA enough supplies to survive near the beach for a few nights, this is when the desire for adventure began in our family. Not long after, he sold the van to his brother (my uncle) to pass on the knack for adventure.

My uncle was immediately captivated by the van life; he would eventually buy a 1980sVW Westfalia in my early days. It always caught my eye - the style, the rhythm of life, the surfboards in the back; I was always inspired by what he was doing with his van and where van life was taking him.

I vividly remember begging him to let me check it out at every family gathering. Although nothing changed since the time before, the fascination seemed to grow each time.

Well, that fascination is still growing.

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