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The Beauty of Two: Using Others to Strike Motivation

What would life be if it was only you that existed? I could write a whole novel on that, to be honest. However, that is not why I'm writing this today.

Actually, what I want to explain is, well, the exact opposite. Life with others is pure beauty and bliss. Receiving energy from something, or someone, besides yourself is what I believe to be a true driving force with a lot of mines and your accomplishments.

This week I realized how we need to remind ourselves not everything can be done alone. No matter the determination we cultivate within our mind, sometimes we just need another soul.

Sometimes, we just need two - me and you. Us and them.

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October 3, 2017No Comments

The Truth About Time: Do We Have Enough?

Have you ever just sat and thought about the idea of time? I am sure you have. It's safe to say I do this on a daily basis. Life just seems to completely revolve around time, all across the spectrum.

Time for happiness. Time for loved ones. Time for ideas. TIme for passions. The list could continue on indefinitely, unlike, well, time.

However, there is a certain point in our life where we can actually let go of the idea of time. We can literally not have a sense of it, and I believe it's the most comfortable moment anyone could ever experience.

I have found, over the years of my creative work, when I am creating a piece of work that I am completely invested and indulged in, I find myself in a moment of bliss. I find myself in a moment of bliss that involves no energy toward "time." Ah, refreshing.

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September 20, 20171 Comment

Have You Thought About Embracing Your Insecurities?

“I worry there is something broken in our generation; there are so many sad eyes on happy faces.” - Atticus

It seems all a bit too common that we all live in the shadows of our insecurities. Whether these are obvious to those that surround us, or they are the ones that we keep hidden deep down, they restrict us from reaching greatness.

It is time for us to embrace our insecurities. Little against the norm? Yeah, a bit, but who said it would hurt? Not I.

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More and Less

More creating

Less consuming

More inspiration

Less hopelessness

More expression

Less judgment

More compassion

Less malice

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Fear or Faith: Which One Will Be Your Master?

As humans, there are different chain reactions that can trigger different things within our minds. Starting with a stimulus and ending with the release of chemicals, we are able to actually feel all of this. Although we experience multiple feelings, there are not many that can dictate the totality of our life, but a couple.

What are those? Ah, I am glad you asked; fear or faith. These are the two feelings, or external forces, that can actually dictate the way we live our life, subconsciously slowly becoming our master.

What is fear?

When we sense fear, our brains go into a mode of defense and uncertainty. Slowly, fear holds us back more than we could have ever imagined. We lack from moving forward as there is a heavy influence from these external forces. Read more

August 7, 20172 Comments

Meditation, Positivity & Gratitude: Three Keys to Practicing Mental Hygiene

The state of our mind seems to be the driving force of our everyday actions. Guiding us in and out of our emotions, it is important we prioritize our mental health or our mental hygiene. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, mental hygiene is the science of maintaining mental health. In a way a bit more exciting, mental hygiene is the upkeep of our minds allowing us to achieve a higher quality of living.

As we dance around this idea, we ask ourselves how do we practice and achieve this sort of mental hygiene? Personally, I've been able to narrow down three key practices that promote mental hygiene, which include meditation, positivity, and gratitude. Although these could be different for yourself, I imagine this to be a great starting place, regardless.

Step 1: Meditation

First, a practice overlooked by the greater population, meditation. Provided by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, meditation is the engagement in contemplation or reflection. Read more

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Let Life Call the Shots

Quick Takes:

  • Let life call the shots
  • The world isn't supposed to manifest in direct correlation to your preferences
  • Book Recommendation: The Surrender Experiment

Ready, set,

Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Shit, wake up. Coffee. Eggs. Brush teeth. Surf. Drink left-over coffee. Shower. Write. Eat. Excercise. Write, more. Eat. Relax. Sleep.

Routine? Check.

It's always refreshing to get back into the groove of life. It always nice to re-implement aspects that you lived without during a recent period of your life. Those aspects vary from each person, as we all aren't on the exact same track. For the last week and a half, I couldn't get the word "routine" out of my head. For some reason, it felt like life was telling me I needed to assess its meaning to my daily life. Read more

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Stop Letting Life Go By So Fast

Quick Takes:

  • Appreciate the ability to converse and its beauty
  • Removal of routine can teach valuable qualities
  • Stop, breathe, and realize your surroundings; life is too fast

Eventually we will all be old, but we will have the best stories to tell. The journeys on which we embarked and the adventures that we cherish, will build a plethora of the most absolute rewarding moments we could ever imagine. Life is set at a pace that is so quick and rapid, that if we don't take the time to slow it down, we will miss out on the beauty of the small aspects that we may not believe will make an impact on our direct happiness. I apologize for the honesty and truth; it’s a little bit jarring sometimes, but that is just how things are going to be for now, and forever.

As I continue my explorations around the world, experiencing the most amazing culture shock I have to yet encounter, there are aspects of life that I have believed were irrelevant until now. And I suspect these aspects are most likely flying right past your life, causing you to miss their importance and beauty. I'm here to explain, and express to you my thoughts that have been filling my life for the last week. Thoughts that caused me to realize while traveling the world two important aspects of my life that I’ve been missing. So, sit tight, grab a beer, kick those feet up, and let me open your eyes to my developed thoughts that hopefully will have a lasting impact on how you view the small, but nevertheless, important things in life. Read more

May 19, 2016No Comments

Embrace the beginning

Hey friend,

First off, I want to welcome you to this piece of work I have been developing for the last two months. It started as an idea, a small idea. An Idea I didn't have much passion for. But day by day I realized it was an aspect of my life I absolutely cared about. It became something I wanted to put my mind to. Throughout this development, I had a realization that this blog had the opportunity to become something much bigger than I originally imagined. It could be a way I could not only open and challenge my mind, but also hopefully do the same to yours. 

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