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Jealousy or Inspiration: Which Will Be Your Guide?

*Inspired by my curiosity for the jealousy within my own life*

I think it is safe to say we all tend to compare ourselves to others more often than not. From our passions to our successes, and even our happiness. It seems we're all a bit jealous of each other, right?

Well, that just depends on your perception of this situation.

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More and Less

More creating

Less consuming

More inspiration

Less hopelessness

More expression

Less judgment

More compassion

Less malice

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Fear or Faith: Which One Will Be Your Master?

As humans, there are different chain reactions that can trigger different things within our minds. Starting with a stimulus and ending with the release of chemicals, we are able to actually feel all of this. Although we experience multiple feelings, there are not many that can dictate the totality of our life, but a couple.

What are those? Ah, I am glad you asked; fear or faith. These are the two feelings, or external forces, that can actually dictate the way we live our life, subconsciously slowly becoming our master.

What is fear?

When we sense fear, our brains go into a mode of defense and uncertainty. Slowly, fear holds us back more than we could have ever imagined. We lack from moving forward as there is a heavy influence from these external forces. Read more

July 28, 20172 Comments

Become the Best Version of the Current You

I am no different than you - humans concurrently searching for a purpose on this tiny earth. Although the situations we encounter may come from different sides of life's spectrum, the curiosity of our own existence will always be the constant shadow following our every movement. You may be sitting there wondering why I think we are the same. Right? Well, simple, we both walk this earth with an intention to be the best person we can, achieving the goals we believe will bring us the success we formulate within our minds.

We may sit here and wonder about the future. We may sit here and wonder about the past. Wasting time, we are all guilty of thinking about who we want to become. Looking for a role model, this slowly transcends into discovering our hero. However, in this situation, let's trend to the side of being self-centered; let's look up to ourselves as our own hero.

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Let Life Call the Shots

Quick Takes:

  • Let life call the shots
  • The world isn't supposed to manifest in direct correlation to your preferences
  • Book Recommendation: The Surrender Experiment

Ready, set,

Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Shit, wake up. Coffee. Eggs. Brush teeth. Surf. Drink left-over coffee. Shower. Write. Eat. Excercise. Write, more. Eat. Relax. Sleep.

Routine? Check.

It's always refreshing to get back into the groove of life. It always nice to re-implement aspects that you lived without during a recent period of your life. Those aspects vary from each person, as we all aren't on the exact same track. For the last week and a half, I couldn't get the word "routine" out of my head. For some reason, it felt like life was telling me I needed to assess its meaning to my daily life. Read more

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Rise High and Rise Together

Quick Takes:

  • Eat your ego for breakfast
  • Offer support of other people's passions
  • You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

We're going to jump right into the thick of things, even if that's not your style, let's just pretend it is for now. Do people see you as someone that thrives off being "above" the person next to you? Or, do people see you as someone who encourages others to work toward their life goal? Do you seek to rise above those surrounding you, or do you seek rise with them?

Regardless if you obtain the self-awareness to realize where you fall into one of these categories, other people notice how you carry yourself. I believe it's very beneficial for us to take the time to think about this, and hopefully discover the character we portray. Although I can't say how I receive each and every one of you because there is a screen between us, I can definitely express how I perceive this part of my own character. However, this isn't supposed to be a way to boast about myself, but more of a way to encourage you to realize possibly something you haven't before. This has the full intention to let you visualize how we should positively encourage those striving toward their passion and highest desires.  Read more

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Maintaining the Mindset

Quick Takes:

  • Don't fear a mindset shift, overcome it
  • Opportunities can sometimes look like "work"
  • Live without limitations or judgment, also known as positivity

My journey has come to an end, but my adventures still continue. I have been back in the United States for roughly one week now. It's like jumping into a properly chilled pool on summer California afternoon. You know, refreshing. Did I just compare the feeling of being home to jumping into a chilled pool? I totally did. However, I didn't come back to the lifestyle you may expect I would return to. I'm not sitting on my couch and enjoying time with my dog. I'm not sleeping in my own bed and enjoying the much awaited relaxing days at my own home. I'm not going to work to replenishes my not so beautiful bank account. I'm actually doing all the opposite of that. I don't have a house. I don't have a dog. I don't have a job, which explains why I don't have a dog. And I still am living out of the same bag I travelled the last 75 days with. However, I've been learning how to take a different approach when it comes to the aspects of my current lifestyle that at first seemed like negatives. So sit tight, and maybe by the time you're done reading this I will have gotten that call from human resources regarding an interview. Read more

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Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Quick Takes: 

  • Find a purpose withinin your passions
  • Live with an open mind, and accept new perspectives 
  • Be excited to get out of your comfort zone  

So, what do you want to do with your life? Actually, what do you want from life? Tough question, huh? But, I'm sure you get it all the time. I'm not one hundred percent sure what I want. You may agree, no one is one hundred percent sure what they truly want from life. However, each and every one of us has an unconditional love for something deep down, whether we have discovered it or not. Don't feel worried if you have yet to find that one aspect of life you have endless love for, it will come. No, I'm not talking about a significant other; I'm talking about a talent, a passion that is pure. A passion that will lead us down the right path if we pursue its purpose. A path that provides rich happiness, which in turn will eventually bring great success. However, it is important that we understand the thought process of how a passion can lead to happiness and which can lead to success involves something much more. This realization comes with our outlook on life. More importantly, it comes with the development of our perception on life.

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Stop Letting Life Go By So Fast

Quick Takes:

  • Appreciate the ability to converse and its beauty
  • Removal of routine can teach valuable qualities
  • Stop, breathe, and realize your surroundings; life is too fast

Eventually we will all be old, but we will have the best stories to tell. The journeys on which we embarked and the adventures that we cherish, will build a plethora of the most absolute rewarding moments we could ever imagine. Life is set at a pace that is so quick and rapid, that if we don't take the time to slow it down, we will miss out on the beauty of the small aspects that we may not believe will make an impact on our direct happiness. I apologize for the honesty and truth; it’s a little bit jarring sometimes, but that is just how things are going to be for now, and forever.

As I continue my explorations around the world, experiencing the most amazing culture shock I have to yet encounter, there are aspects of life that I have believed were irrelevant until now. And I suspect these aspects are most likely flying right past your life, causing you to miss their importance and beauty. I'm here to explain, and express to you my thoughts that have been filling my life for the last week. Thoughts that caused me to realize while traveling the world two important aspects of my life that I’ve been missing. So, sit tight, grab a beer, kick those feet up, and let me open your eyes to my developed thoughts that hopefully will have a lasting impact on how you view the small, but nevertheless, important things in life. Read more

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Keep Up With Your Dreams

Quick Takes: 

  • Understand your comfort zone, and step out of it
  • Confidence is a key component to succeeding
  • Check out my brother's blog,

Well, the time has come. I'm sitting here at my gate, waiting to embark on a trip of a lifetime. I just devoured my last American meal before Europe, a burger and fries, of course. As I sit here and wait, my hands are sweating like the condensation on the bottle of that beer I just drank. My hands are shaking as if I had just been dropped off at my first day of grade school. My emotions and thoughts are going crazy, like the feeling of riding your first roller coaster. My train of thought is skewed and it almost feels as if I'm not going to be in another country in 12 hours. However, I keep telling myself I have been preparing not for this moment, but for this adventure, for this journey, for the most amazing two months of my life for 21 years. This preparation, and development of this blog, has taught me importance of writing your thoughts and sharing them with surrounding people. I will try to organize my stream of conscious, but bear with me, because what I want you to know about my mental a state could get jumbled, but I will do my best. Here is what I call: keeping up with your dreams. Read more