Best Budget Van Life Conversion: 2010 Ford E 150

First off – buy a work van

Then get some denim insulation, I used gorilla tape to put it on the walls (UPDATE: I don’t recommend denim insulation because of the possibility for mold.)

Buy paneling from Home Depot ($25 per sheet of 8′ x 4′)

Drill onto a wood frame – I used 3″ x 1″ and drilled those directly into the frame of the van

Then do the ceiling piece

Should look something like this

First, building the support for the benches

Level and drill 2×1 into both left and right walls

Drill 2 2x4s together making an L shape(short: 12 inches, long: 23 inches)

Repeat to make 3 per side, so 6 total

Drill each L shape support onto the 2×1

Like so

And so

Next, make a template out of poster board for the end caps


Cut plywood to size, and drill

Like so


Next, make a template for the front panel

And another template for the top (which will eventually open with hinges)


Do all steps for both benches

Add the hinges!

Like so

Now we got top loading cabinets!

Cut plywood to fit in the middle as a table and bed, also drill is side supports for the table to rest on to make one perfect platform

Dinner setup

Bed setup

Now – I did some updating


van life essentials

Dinner setup with cushions and canvas covers (also DIY)

van life essentials

Finally, the bed setup (70″x54″)

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