My name is Jordan Tarver and I’m a photographer, writer, and explorer. I found my passion for creation through my own curiosity of life and my mind. I believe we all need to focus on personal growth, the willingness to change, and fluidity. These three factors have let me become the best version of myself, and I believe they can help you do that too. I created this site in 2013 as a way to share stories I document with the hopes to inspire others to think, travel, and create. Through this platform, I’ve even inspired myself to push my own creative limits.


I’m a self-published author on Amazon and released my first book, ‘Moment’, in June 2018. As my trophy possession, this is a story of the discovery of myself but has lessons that can resonate with you. I wrote this book with the intention of teaching others.

Also in 2018, I purchased and converted my own van. Vanlife has been something that has taken me to new levels as a storyteller. Through these adventures, I publish Trip Reports that recap different road trips through my photography and words.

I currently write small business finance content for FitSmallBusiness.com, which is a digital publication out of New York City and we create actionable content for real small business owners.

For interview or freelance inquiries, please visit the contact page.

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