48 Hours in Yosemite

Departure: 4 am Destination: Lower Pines, Yosemite, CA

 After camp was set up, through the woods we went

 Some miles later, we arrived at Vernal Falls

 Of course, an obligatory lunch under the waterfall

 Pit stopped for a glance at Half Dome

 Racing sundown, we hiked to Taft Point at the perfect time

 People were literally getting married – as in having their ceremony. Whoa…

 The following morning, we were set to head to Tamarack Flats

 Before that, we needed hot coffee. Pronto.

 And some food too, why not

 Off we went to Tamarack Flats – our next camp

 Our home for the night; tucked into the woods

 We had our naps

 Tested our skills with sticks

 And did some sketching

 Soon enough, we found ourselves in a nearby meadow

 It was serene

 And it was hot – but we wore layers because I have no idea why

 Back at camp we prepped for our fire

 And by we, I really mean Troy the mountain man

 Before last light, we explored behind our camp

 Yosemite 2017, in the books

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